About Us

OTernative Perspectives is a 2-person team of healthcare professionals that began as a desire to address the service gap that exists for students with disabilities as they transition out of school. Both Nathan and Maddie are individuals who overcame significant medical events during their time in primary education. Now as healthcare professionals, they aim to provide information and services during a critical part of every person’s life so that people with disabilities can pursue the life they love.

Their dream is to scale OTernative Perspectives into a larger business to reach a greater audience, reduce the service gap, and to continually pursue the life they love and envision.

Who We Are

Author Nathan Baniqued, CEO and Founder of OTernative Perspectives

Nathaniel (Nathan) Baniqued (he/him) is a Doctor of Occupational Therapy originally from O’ahu, HI. Nathan has had 7+ years of experience working with individuals with disabilities in various jobs and settings. The spark that began his desire to work with people with disabilities was after a medical event at 11 years-old where he was diagnosed with Chronic Kidney Disease stage 3A.

From 2019 to 2022 Nathan has worked in the Supported Employment industry as a job developer and coach. Here he worked alongside WA state’s Developmental Disabilities Administration (DDA) and Division Vocational Rehabilitation (DVR) counselors to help people with disabilities ages 18-64 attain and retain employment. During grad school, Nathan was also responsible for coordinating his organization’s Ticket-to-Work (TTW) program.

Nathan has had the honor to be his OT graduating class’s student speaker, declared a “Future Leader” within Washington University’s OT program and has won multiple academic scholarships including the National Board for Certification in Occupational Therapy’s (NBCOT) annual scholarship for his academic excellence and leadership in promoting DE&I within St. Louis, MO.

He currently resides with his partner, Maddie Lea, in Portland, OR. He enjoys working out, reading fantasy and sci/fi novels, and playing videogames on his spare time.

Madison (Maddie) Lea (they/she) is a new graduate BSN RN working in a level four Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU). She was raised in Phoenix, Arizona, and Seattle, Washington. Maddie has over a decades worth of childcare experience spanning from daycares to nannying roles for children ages newborn to ten years. She has volunteered in pediatric hospitals since she was 16 years old and always knew she wanted to work in a hospital setting.

During her senior year of high school in 2016, Maddie was diagnosed with end-stage renal disease and placed on dialysis. Her diagnosis happened suddenly and delayed her start to college by a year. Thankfully, a stranger contacted Maddie’s family to inform them that he had been tested and was a perfect match for a kidney donor. On November 23, 2016, Frank (Maddie’s life-saving kidney donor) donated his kidney to Maddie with the help of the University of Washington Medical Center and Seattle Children’s Hospital. Maddie fully recovered and is now dedicated to giving back to the community that saved her life.

Maddie graduated nursing school in August of 2022 as a Magna Cum Laude with her BSN in St. Louis, MO, and currently resides in Portland, Oregon, with her partner, Nathan Baniqued, and tabby cat, Kali Lea-Baniqued. She enjoys her free time by walking nature trails, reading contemporary romance books, and talking to her family on the phone.

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