Vision, Mission, & Values


Our vision is for OTernative Perspectives to be a leader in addressing and reducing the service gap for young adults with disabilities as they make the transition out of their primary education on a local and national stage.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to help young adults with disabilities pursue the life they love by connecting and providing them with the resources they need to make their dreams become a reality. Currently there is a gap between services as disabled young adults transition out of primary school education and the rest of their lives. OTernative Perspectives wishes to address this gap by providing resources, insights, and services so that young adults in transition are not forgotten as they learn and become the person they want to be post-high school. 


  1. Diversity: We respect and value the lived experiences and varied identities of others. We also understand how these experiences and identities affect the ways in which people interact with the world and vice versa. To act on this, we aim to regularly engage in recognizing and combating our own biases and prejudices so that we may better serve those who come under our services and access our content. 
  2. Integrity: As healthcare professionals, we understand the inherent power dynamics and social authority it provides us. With this, we aim to provide services and content that balances our ethics while aligning with our associated healthcare organizations. 
  3. Growth: At OTernative Perspectives we believe that a growth mindset and being lifelong learners is key to providing excellent services for our clients. To encourage this, we ask our employees to engage in our communities, attend continual trainings, and engage with the latest research. 
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